When can I expect my Ice Cream home delivery?

Well, we have been doing it for a week now but we are pretty confident that we can fulfill most orders within 48 hours (and yes, some much sooner). However, in order to set your expectations- especially if you order on a Friday!- please know that it could be as long as 72 hours before your ice cream arrives.

Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?

Yes. You must be home to receive your order so that you can place your ice cream in a freezer before it melts.

Can I schedule my delivery?

At this time we cannot schedule deliveries. However, we will let you know the day of your delivery and work with you through the text number provided to ensure you are home to receive our delicious ice cream.

Why do I have to order a full case/8 pints?

Our delivery service is new and run by our in-house team. To be efficient, we package your orders at our Ice Cream Factory here in Baltimore, and transporting your order in a case of 8 ensures the quality of the ice cream. We may offer smaller orders in the future.